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Customer Service articles

Are You Missing Opportunities to WOW?

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a SECOND Impression

When It Comes to Customer Service, It's the Little Things That Make a Difference

Want to Give Great Customer Service? Don't Make Your Customers Work For It!

How to Improve Credibility With Customers

Is Your Company a Great Choice... or Simply the "Lesser of Two Evils"?

WOW Communication is Clear, Consistent... and There!

Has Customer Service Gone From Great to "Geek"?


Leadership, Respect, Success and General Workplace Motivation articles

Why Are They Lining Up to Work For Him?

What To Do when You're Being Disrespected

Being Disrespected? Keep Your Eye on the Goal!

Always Do the Right thing... Even When You Think it Doesn't Matter

Do It Now... Create a WOW!

Is Procrastination Killing Your Dreams?

Skate Where the Puck Is Going


Marketing and Sales articles

Are Your Marketing Materials Boring or Brilliant?

Your Full Value - Do Your Customers Know It?

Good, Fast, Cheap

Do You Know the Lifetime Value of Your Customers?

Are Your Services Top-of-Mind?

For Customer Service Reasons, As Well As Your Own Protection, Document, Document, Document!

Is the Electronic Age Thwarting Your Goal Achievement Success?

Yes, You Can Have Sales Success, Even in Slowing Markets!

What You Really Need to Know About the National Do Not Call Registry
(published in Magazine, November, 2003)

Anti-Terrorist Clauses - in Real Estate?


Sandy is also an Expert Article contributor on Below are links to additional articles listed there:



Tip Sheets

10 Dynamite Customer Service Tips Anyone Can Use

10 Dynamite Risk-Taking Tips Anyone Can Use

10 Dynamite Goal-Setting Tips Anyone Can Use

10 Dynamite Technology Tips Anyone Can Use

10 Dynamite Sales Tips Anyone Can Use

Sandy's Radio and Television Appearances

PDF file containing a list of Sandy's media appearances


To learn more about Sandy's media appearances, or for information regarding her speaking and training services, please e-mail us or call us at 407-856-1188.


Links and Resources

This section contains links to several excellent programs and service providers, for your reference. While I have personal knowledge and experience with several of the vendors listed here and know of their reputation, or have heard and/or read good things about their reputation, anyone considering the services of any vendor should always do their own research into services, pricing and reputation.

In addition, other links such as those related to fun and exciting marketing ideas (such as Photo Stamps) and those related to excellent consumer information (such as emergency preparedness information) are also listed:

Electronic Glossary of Technical Terms: Webopedia
This is an excellent, sometimes humorous, encyclopedia of technical terms. If you'd like to look up the meaning or history of just about any technical term, this is the place to go!

Free Electronic Greeting Cards: E-Greetings
This is a great site if you want to send something special to someone - electronically! You can use these greetings for personal use, or to send to clients and customers at holiday times, or just to keep in touch.

Low Cost Press Releases: PRWeb
This is an excellent press release site. I have read excellent reviews about the results this site gets, and have personally sent a press release using this service. Not only was the site very user-friendly, but it gave advice on writing press releases, and I got results from my press release in ONE DAY! This is an excellent tool to use for your business!

Free Press Releases:
This is another good press release site...and it's free!

Free Article Directory: Ezine Articles
This is an excellent resource for articles for your newsletters, blogs, magazines, ezines, and other publications. Sandy is an expert author on this website.

National Speakers Association - Central Florida Chapter
If you're a meeting planner, this is the place to find the best experts located in the central Florida area. These experts speak locally, nationally and internationally. If you're a speaker and don't belong to this organization, come discover for yourself the many outstanding benefits of membership!


A terrific website for motivational resources for personal growth.


Other Excellent Speakers:

While I wish I were knowledgeable about every topic under the sun, we all know we can't be experts at everything. However, I can connect you with some experts in other areas. Please feel free to check out the tremendous information and services of the speakers listed below, whose services I wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend for your next conference!


Joan Brannick, Ph.D.Joan Brannick
Joan Brannick, Ph.D., SPHR is an industrial psychologist who consults, writes, and speaks on employee selection and retention. She helps people and organizations feel, think, and act differently about finding and keeping great people. Her insights on workplace trends and recruitment and retention best practices have appeared in many online and print publications including CNN Financial News, CIO Magazine, HR Magazine, and Fortune Magazine.


Donna CuttingDonna Cutting
Donna Cutting, President and CEO of ShowStopping Solutions is a nationally recognized expert in employee morale, caring, personalized customer service and the human side of business. As a speaker and consultant she helps leaders create places where employees get standing ovations and customers get star treatment.



David GlickmanDavid Glickman
Corporate Comedian David Glickman provides clean, clever, customized comedy entertainment for your convention, meeting, sales rally or banquet. This comedian will highlight your event with comedy material about YOUR people, YOUR industry, YOUR products, YOUR services. Comedian and professional speaker David Glickman will inspire and boost morale with great laughs and song parodies.

Dave TimmonsDave Timmons
Dave Timmons is a leadership artist. He helps people and organizations become BRILLIANT in the Art of Leadership. Through his company, Six String Leadership, Inc., Dave works with thousands of people each year to help them find, tune, and play their leadership "instrument."





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